Dimension 4 Workstations


• Modularity—Custom design a configuration that adapts to your particular needs and/or space.

• Efficiency Options—Conveyors, ball transfers and other accessories enhance efficiency and productivity.

• UL Listed — D4 Starter and Add-on units with PDS are UL Listed under Furniture UL 1286, File #E113928, Tested for Structure and Safety. D4 lighting fixtures are listed under Portable Task Lighting, UL 153, File #E162554. All D4 electrical channels are listed under Temporary Power Tap, UL 163, File #E173487.

• Flexibility—Workstation worksurfaces and accessories are independently adjustable to accommodate workers' physical and individual needs; especially useful for multiple shifts.

• ESD Options—Static dissipative laminates, grounding systems and 180° rolled front edges ensure a static-safe working environment.

• Ergonomic Design—Enhance adjustability by using swing arms, footrests, ball transfers and other options.

Dimension 4 Workstations are the most versatile and useful workstation modules available. The system easily expands to meet growing needs through the addition of accessories and more modules.

Our "Basic" units are available in Single-Sided or Double-Sided configurations and are easily customized to meet a company's exact needs. And, with their intelligent design, Dimension 4 workstations can be quickly reconfigured any time your requirements change.

The versatile Optimum module offers a curved 90° worksurface that is effective as a stand-alone workstation or as a corner addition to the basic Dimension 4 system, and provides useful work area in otherwise wasted space. Details on Optimum workstations follow the Basic workstation information in this catalog.

As with all IAC products, Dimension 4 components are ergonomically designed to ensure maximum worker safety, improved efficiency and greater productivity.
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