DIN Rail Thermocouple and Sensor Terminal Blocks -- Models: OMTBV7-WTC, -WTF, -WTS


The OMTBV7-W terminals have been designed to incorporate ease of wiring, secure connections, and durability. The corrosion-resistant clamping mechanism allows for super reliable connections in even the most demanding industrial conditions. The thermocouple terminal blocks (-WTC) are available in Type K, J, T, and E, while the sensor blocks come in two different styles:   3-level blocks with feed-through connections for sensor power, ground, and output (-WTF),  and 3-level blocks with a feed-through connection for the output signal only (-WTS). Terminal bodies are manufactured from Polyamide 6.6 which offers excellent thermal stability, impact resistance and resistance to electrical creepage. Product is useful in plastic, chemical, and food packaging industries. Recommended applications are Motion control panels, test and engineering labs, and factory automation. This product is UL recognized and CSA certified.

Price starts at $105.50 (pkg of 10) for OMTBV7-WTC

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