DIRAK introduces a totally new technology for fastening sheet metal panels – The Captive-Joiner


The Captive-Joiner also functions as a slam to close latch, requiring just a simple push of the panel against the frame to ensure latching.

Features & Benefits of the Captive-Joiner include:

  • Designed for ease of use by the end-user - disengaging the two panels is achieved by turning the knob 45° instead of the more time consuming traditional screwing/unscrewing required for a captive screw.
  • Can be completely removed from both panels on-site and re-installed quickly with a simple push making it ideal for maintenance applications. A technician can gain access to the equipment with a simple 45° turn to open and a simple push of the panel back to the frame for latching.
  • Where misalignment is a concern the Captive-Joiner compensates for tight tolerances that are difficult to achieve.
  • Knob design offers a comfortable grip for actuation and opening and eliminates the need to install a separate handle.
  • For applications which require restricted access the Captive-Joiner is available in a tool (NEBS) operated style.
  • Traditional captive screws require an insert which can become dislodged if excessive force is applied from the captive screw. The fallen insert can severely damage the electronic equipment housed inside the enclosure. Since the Captive-Joiner does not require an insert, this problem is completely eliminated.
  • Secure attachment to the panel eliminates the possibility of the Captive-Joiner falling out under extreme vibration conditions and damaging sensitive equipment housed inside the enclosure.
  • Single component design which combines the function of the captive screw and the captive nut/cage nut. With only one component to inventory the number of SKU’s is reduced and the installation process is significantly simplified.
  • Fits the standard cut-out of 19” racks - 9.5 mm x 9.5 mm so there is no need to modify the panel cut-out.
  • Because the Captive-Joiner is easy to install and does not require additional processes for installation, the panel can be finished before the Captive-Joiner is installed. The risk of damage to the surface finish is virtually eliminated with the Captive-Joiner’s simple, one-step installation process. Also, the Captive-Joiner can be easily installed by hand anywhere along the production line, which eliminates the need for a separate production area for installation.
  • The Captive-Joiner is completely installed from the front of the panel and does not need an insert, so it is ideal for applications where access to the back panel is restricted.
  • Snap-in design eliminates the need to invest in the machinery needed to install a captive screw and captive nut/cage nut.
  • Reduced installation costs - only one component to install in just seconds with a simple snap-in design. Installation is achieved in a fraction of the time of traditional fasteners.

The Captive-Joiner incorporates D•SNAP Technology making it quick and easy to install into the panel – reducing installation time up to 90% giving you a significant cost savings. SNAP-LINE Captive-Joiners do not require mounting hardware (screw, nuts or bolts) or tools for installation and can be used in blind applications when access to the back of the panel is restricted. They are ideal for applications under extreme vibration conditions as they will not loosen from the panel. The simple installation process ensures secure installation resulting in zero defect assembly and the reduction of components means a reduction of cost and inventory. This tool-less installation method allows the Captive-Joiner to be quickly and easily installed into the panel without tools, hardware or installation equipment.

DIRAK is a global designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative, high quality system solutions for latching, hinging and profile technology. DIRAK products are sold and distributed globally through a network of authorized sales representatives.

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