Direct Drive Frameless Kits


Applimotion’s ULT, UTH, UTS, and UTO frameless motor kits cover a wide range of applications including; robots, inspection platforms, medical diagnostic machines, satellites, and imaging systems. With a slight tweak to the windings they now handle low voltage high speed high output power applications also. With resistances down in the milli-ohm range, these motors are ideal for battery operated systems ranging from propulsion to accessories in light EV systems. 

 Frameless direct drive motor kits cover sizes from 7.5 mm diameter to 533 mm and torque outputs that exceed 1000 NM. Whether the EV requirement is propulsion, special purpose articulation, or accessory drives, Applimotion has a solution. The motors can be optimized for 12 volt to 600 volt applications by just modifying the wire gage.   Direct drive motors are finding their way into many new and unique applications as designers see the advantages in reliability, precision and performance compared to traditional solutions. In addition to frameless motors, Applimotion can create an affordable fully packaged custom direct drive solution that fits your application.


  • sizes from 7.5 mm diameter to 533 mm
  • torque outputs exceed 1000 NM

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