Dirty Sox Kit


The Dirty Sox Kit is an annual, three-step application process that rids HVAC air handler units of odors by cleaning, sanitizing and protecting the evaporator coil. It is generally applied in the fall or winter months, and in systems where Dirty Sock Syndrome is thought to be present. Dirty Sock Syndrome is a term coined by industry experts to describe unidentifiable odors which building occupants equate to the smell of dirty laundry or a gym locker room.

Dirty Sock Syndrome is believed to be a result of bacterial growth on HVAC evaporator coils. The problem is generally limited to heat pump systems, but may be noticed in other system interiors. Dirty Sock Syndrome is prevalent in buildings located in hot, humid climates, where there is a constant supply of moist air exasperating the problem. Because a microbial can grow quite rapidly, the emission of odors increases over time.

The first step is to apply Instant Powder Kegs coil cleaner to clean the evaporator coil of deposit buildup. Instant Powder Kegs is a concentrated cleaning powder, that is mixed with water at the job site, saving users expensive and unnecessary shipping charges. Instant Powder Kegs removes dirt and odor-producing build up that hinder the efficiency of HVAC systems.

The second step is to apply Fast Attack to sanitize the coil, and remove any odor-causing algae, fungus, bacteria or mold. Fast Attack is an EPA-registered, concentrated antimicrobial that cleans as it sanitizes. Iodine was chosen as the active ingredient, as its effectiveness is well known and widely used in hospitals and laboratories.

The third step is to apply First Strike Micro Coat to the coil surface to protect against future buildup of dirt and contamination. First Strike Micro Coat provides a clear molecular barrier (less than one micron), that does not inhibit heat transferability. Because First Strike Micro Coat has been extensively evaluated, it performs without maintenance attention for a year or more. This decreases redundant labor costs and coil cleanings, and keeps coils performing at optimal energy usage.


  • removes dirt and odor-producing build up
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