“Dispensing for All Applications” Catalog


I&J Fisnar Inc. announces its latest revision of “Dispensing for all applications” catalog. This all encompassing easy to read catalog contains the latest in dispensing technology. “Dispensing for all applications” offers product sections such as Dispensers, Dispensing Accessories, Tips and Barrels, Valves, Robots and Automatic Systems, and Meter Mix. The catalog contains vital information on all of its products such as specifications, features, and a brief synopsis of the products intended use. The “Principles of dispensing” section is very useful for customers with limited dispensing background.The new products offered in the catalog include a large assortment of valves, a number of meter mix systems and the new I&J7100 desktop dispensing robot. These items provide I&J Fisnar customers with new solutions and new efficient ways to dispense. I&J Fisnar Inc. also provides specialized catalogs such as “Dispensing Valves for All Applications”, “Dispensing Robots for All Applications” and “Luer Lock Dispensing Tips”
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