Diverters Handle Tough Abrasive Materials


Gravity-flow Straight Line Aggregate Diverters, also called “K” style diverters, handle heavy-duty, abrasive materials efficiently. While ordinary diverters do not provide a positive seal across the closed chute – allowing material to pass through gap between the bucket and chute – the Vortex Straight Line Aggregate Diverter utilizes highly durable rubber bucket seals to provide a positive material shutoff at the leading edge of the bucket. These rubber seals avoid abrasion, as the diverter’s inlet is designed to divert flow away from these seals. At the same time, the diverter’s internal mechanisms are spared abrasion. The diverter’s straight-line feature also minimizes abrasion for long-lasting performance. Vortex Straight Line Aggregate Diverters are also maintainable while the valve is in-line. Unlike traditional bucket diverters that require removal and system downtime for rebuilding or maintenance, the Vortex Diverter features a removable access panel to allow for quick and easy access to the bucket, inlet, and special liners. The complete bucket and seal can also be removed and replaced through the side panel, minimizing downtime. Standard gate construction allows for 180° F (82° C) service and modifications for temperatures up to 600° F (315° C). The gravity flow conveying can be applied to diverter material flow from one source to two destinations and come with a wide selection of round or square inlets or outlets. Sizes range from 6? to 18? (150mm to 450mm). Vortex Aggregate Diverters also are available in an “A” style or can be custom built to suit the application. Adapting any Vortex Aggregate Diverter to meet system requirements is made easy with a wide selection of actuators, position indication switches, flanges, and wear liners.


• Size/Bore Options • 100mm to 1000mm Diameter, Square, or Rectangular • Media • Powder, Pellets, Granulars • Connection Options • Compression Coupling, ANSI, DIN, JIS, Custom Flanges • Media Temperature • Modifications are made allowing up to 200°C continuous to 230°C intermittent service. • Media Pressure • 0 MPa, Gravity Flow Only • Metal Construction Options • 304 or 316L Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and/or Carbon Steel • Seal/Seat Material Options • Nylon, PET, UHMW, Glass Filled Teflon, Rubber, Kryptane, and/or Silicon • Drive/Actuation Options • Double Acting Air Cylinder with Solenoid Operated Air Control Valve, Electric Actuator, or Hand Lever. • Position Detection Magnetic Reed Switch or Proximity Switch • Compliance/Approvals • CE • Industry Use • Plastics, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Minerals, Textiles, Agriculture.
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