DK118 Fluid Dispenser with Digital Display


The Digital DK118 is the latest addition in a complete line of “Teach & Learn” dispense systems from I&J Fisnar Inc. A digital LED display provides a brightly illuminated 12.7mm, three-character set with floating point for immediate recognition by the user. The Digital Display can toggle between a digital readout of the regulated air supply pressure and a programmed dispense time period. Simply learn the time to dispense the correct size deposit or bead and save this time value in the system. The DK118 will dispense an exact repeat of the set-value time after time and will also save the setting when the system is switched off. The DK118 can be in daily use without set-up delays, saving costs and possible set-up errors. Time Settings can be programmed from 0.01 – 99.9 seconds and a 5 – 24V I/O connection allows remote control in addition to the normal foot-pedal operation. The DK118 can be used in Manual Mode for operator controlled dispensing or in Auto Cycling for machine control of precise deposits. All I & amp Fisnar Inc. Dispensing Machines are supplied complete with an accessory kit, including syringe adapters, syringes, pistons and tips.


• Size: 9"x8.5"x3.25"(23x21.5x8.25cm) • Weight: 3.5lbs(1.59kg) • Input Voltage: 115/230V (Voltage select switch) • Dispense time: 0.01-99.99 • seconds Internal Voltage: 5V DC • Cycle Initiation: Manual and Timed • Air input: 70 - 100 psi (5 - 7 bar) • Air output: 1 - 100 psi (0.1 - 7 bar) • Digital display: Pressure or Time Display • I/O port: Interface for External Devices
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