DLoG MPC 6 vehicle mount computer


DLoG Logistics Inc., a supplier of transportation and logistics hardware solutions, announces the availability of the rugged DLoG MPC 6 vehicle mount computer. The sophisticated features and rugged construction of DLoG’s fanless, mobile MPC 6 make it an ideal touch-screen PC for indoor and outdoor vehicles, including forklifts and construction machinery, in warehouses and other logistics operations.

The MPC 6 includes an up-to 1GHz Intel CPU processor with 1 GB RAM and CompactFlash memory allowing complex applications to be handled with ease. The processor comes with Intel 915 chipsets and is shipped with either Windows XP Professional, XP Embedded or a Linux operating system.

The optional 3M Near Field Imaging (NFI) MicroTouch™ 10-inch touch-screen provides high visibility even in bright environments. The optional heating capability allows the MPC 5/110 to operate in temperatures as low as -30° F. An internal UPS storage battery is available for backup during power failures and transportation from one vehicle to another. An optional automatic switch-off feature gracefully powers down the computer when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off. DLoG’s flexible MPC 6 is available in 10-inch and 12-inch models.

DLoG’s compact MPC 6 is housed in a coated aluminum frame with external dimensions of only 13.85 x 11.57 x 4.88 inches and a weight of 10.6 pounds. Shock and vibration resistance is rated Class 7M3 according to EN 60721-3 (1995).

The full-featured mobile PC comes with high-quality standard components for long-term reliability and availability. Wireless connectivity is provided through Wi-Fi (802.11b /g). Numerous interfaces, including a PCI port and 2 USB interfaces, are provided on the bottom of the housing for add-ons or extra peripherals.


* Modular design, Embedded PC technology * Individual configurations (CTO) * Complete feature set despite compact form factor (10 inches) * Fan less design * DLoG-certified touch screen design * Microsoft Windows XP Professional, XP Embedded, Linux * Choice of wireless technologies: WLAN, Bluetooth, RFID, GPS, GPRS * Integration of various RFID readers * Sound * Individual mounting brackets * Hassle-free connection to peripherals (scanners, handhelds, printers, etc.) via various technologies (wired USB, PS/2; via WLAN or Bluetooth, or direct integration of the RFID reader) * Can withstand deep freeze use (cold storage) and extremely high temperatures
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