Donaldson Torit Offers 3 Types of Rotary Valves for Dust Collectors


Donaldson Torit offers 3 types of rotary valves designed for use as airlocks with dust collectors, to automatically and continuously transfer dust from the hopper to a conveying system or collection container. The valves can also be used in conjunction with a pneumatic conveying system or as metering devices.

The benefit of the Donaldson Torit rotary valves is twofold: the valve reduces downtime and labor by automating dust removal, and maintains vacuum pressure inside the collector for optimum performance.

Model “AN” wiper-style valve is for low pressure applications, such as wood dust, cement, cosmetics, chemical, and many others. It is a drop-through style valve. Since the AN valve is fabricated, it can be configured with square or round inlet/outlet opening, and in various sizes to accommodate customer needs.

Model “CI” valve, with round inlet and outlets, is a cast iron valve designed for use as a airlock for a dust collector or a metering device; or it can be used for high pressure pneumatic conveying when fitted with a properly designed transition to a pneumatic conveying line. The bearings are outboard to protect them from dust contamination and for easy service access. CI valves can also be supplied with a variety of optional blade tips (plain, brass, stellite, wiper, adjustable) and beveled or cutter blades, for specific applications.

Model “F” series valves are heavy-duty cast iron feeder valves designed exclusively for use with high pressure pneumatic conveying systems in dry bulk material applications, including difficult sticky products like sugar. F valves are fitted with outboard bearings to protect them from dust contamination and make maintenance easy. This valve is often used to meter materials from a large storage bin into a pneumatic conveying line for transfer to another area of the facility.

The rotary valves are optional on Donaldson Torit dust collection equipment (baghouses and cartridge-style dust collectors), as well as with other bins & storage devices, and available as add-on or replacement units via the Donaldson Torit aftermarket group.

Donaldson Torit particle collection equipment & nanofiber filters are used in manufacturing operations throughout the world to control nuisance dust, fume and mist generated by production processes.
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