Door Dok-Guardian™ Improves Safety At “Closed Door Policy” Facilities


MILWAUKEE--The Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corporation introduced the Door Dok-Guardian™ Safety Barrier today. The Door Dok-Guardian is designed to increase loading dock safety by helping prevent fork trucks from traveling through closed dock doors.

“With statistics showing that 10 to 25 percent of all industrial accidents occur at or around the loading dock, we wanted to help prevent loading dock accidents,” Rite-Hite Aftermarket President and CEO Paul Maly said. “The Door Dok-Guardian increases loading dock safety by providing a barrier that stretches across the door opening and can stop a 10,000-lb. fork truck traveling at 3 to 4 miles per hour.”

The Door Dok-Guardian consists of a 6-inch high heavy-duty nylon strap that is mounted to a Universal GX-4000 bottom sectional door panel and travels with the door when it is opened or closed to help prevent material handling equipment from traveling off the dock.

When the dock door is closed, the heavy-duty strapping and steel impact brackets slide into Warden door guards. In the closed door position, the Door Dok-Guardian provides a yellow visible barrier that can stop a 10,000-lb. fork truck traveling at 3 to 4 mph, while also providing sectional door track protection that helps minimize door maintenance costs.

The safety yellow painted steel Warden door guards are made of 1/4-inch steel and are positioned in front of the sectional door tracks to help minimize door track damage.

When the door is impacted, the heavy-duty strap absorbs the impact and the force is transferred to the steel Wardens preventing a serious loading dock accident.

When the dock door is opened, the Door Dok-Guardian travels with the door and is out of the door opening for unobstructed loading or unloading. The Door Dok-Guardian can be retrofitted to most sectional doors and utilizes the impactable Universal GX-4000 replacement bottom panel for lower door maintenance costs.
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