Door-Removal Hinges


Multiple additions to the line of Southco® F6 concealed, removable-style hinges enhance user options for durable and corrosion-resistant performance, along with the aesthetics of concealed mounting and the convenience of tool-free door removal. Removable and retractable hinge-pin options simplify door removal for easier access, while all-metal designs in a range of sizes provide more choices for strength and durability across a wider variety of enclosures and industrial equipment.

Concealed hinge installation enhances security against vandalism and promotes better aesthetics for the exteriors of enclosures or equipment housings. Spring-loaded pin designs with detents at each extreme make one-handed operation easy by holding pins in the desired position. Fully removable pin designs provide an affordable alternative where captive hinge pins are not required. All pin styles provide tool-free operation that permits fast door removal with unrestricted access to the interior of equipment or enclosures for service, maintenance or storage.

Available in zinc-plated steel, 300-series stainless steel, and engineered plastic materials in sizes ranging from 0.87 inches (22mm) to 5.91 inches (150 mm) long, the expanded F6 hinge line provides options for virtually any environment or application—heavy duty or lightweight, corrosive or non-corrosive. Most models are available with dual hinge points for greater stability. A non-corrosive, non-conducting engineered plastic design is also available as an affordable alternative for lightweight applications.

Frame leaf hinges are available for both flat frames and formed frames using a choice of through-hole or welded mounting options. Custom offset depths and mounting holes are also available. Frame-mounted leaf hinges are ordered separately from the door-leaf hinges, to enable users to specify the appropriate flat or formed style for their enclosure or equipment design.

The addition of this wide range of hinge options provides end users with more comprehensive choices for single-source purchasing convenience.
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