Double Coated Adhesive Film Features Removable Adhesive For Temporary Bonding


 Scapa Industrial has introduced Dublfilm(r) S1039, a double coated adhesive tape formulated with a permanent adhesive on one side and a removable adhesive on the other. The product delivers an excellent initial bond to high surface energy materials such as glass and metal, yet removes easily without leaving adhesive residue.



Dublfilm(r) S1039 is a dimensionally stable polyester film, double coated with an ultra removable acrylic adhesive on the liner side and a high performance permanent acrylic adhesive on the exposed side. The product is supplied with a 74# lay flat release liner for easy application and die-cutting. Both adhesives offer excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, and the temporary adhesive removes easily from glass, plastics, metals and high gloss paints.


The product is ideal for industrial assembly applications, such as nameplate bonding, temporary mounting, membrane switch attachment and temporary labels and decals. Dublfilm(r) S1039 will permanently laminate to foam and felt for use on temporary protective padding.


Scapa North America develops innovative specialty adhesive films, tapes and compounds for a range of markets. Major markets include aerospace, automotive, cable, construction, electronics, industrial assembly, medical, printing and graphics, and sports and entertainment.

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