Double Outlet Receptacles


A perfect fit for food and liquid processing facilities, the PWDX Series of heavy-duty double outlet receptacles is ideal for a wide range of demanding applications where splash-down, hose-down protection is required.  Proudly “Made in the USA”, these products provide exceptional impact, chemical and corrosion resistance and are designed to deliver years of worry free operation. 

 “The PDWX Series is the ideal power receptacle solution for a wide range of applications requiring protection from extreme environmental conditions,” said Jon Semancik, Ericson’s Product Manager.  “When combined with Ericson’s Perma-Tite2 plugs, these products deliver a weather resistant shield essential for food and beverage processing, refineries, outdoor events, pulp and paper mills, and other challenging applications”. Pre-wired connections for quick installation, floating blades for mating self-alignment, flexible mounting alternatives, secure power lockout/tagout, and extra deep internally sealed spring-loaded flip covers truly differentiate this product.  

Additionally, the utility of the PWDX Series can be further expanded when combined with “feed-thru” enclosures for the ultimate in outdoor sealed power drops, or when a pendant style approach is used for suspended power access. Ericson’s SafetyFirst™ designation immediately identifies the PWDX Series as being part of a select group of products that meet all of the stringent safety requirements needed to achieve UL listing to American and Canadian Standards.  Since 1918 Ericson has been a leader in portable electrical power distribution and temporary lighting, delivering safe and innovative solutions without compromise.


  • weather resistant shield
  • pre-wired connections 

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