Double Pole-Three Position Rocker Switch


CW Industries, a long recognized manufacturer of switches, connectors and custom components for the OEM, is pleased to announce a new double pole - 3 position switch that sequentially makes or breaks electrical contacts in alternate poles. This feature can be combined with appropriate momentary or detent action in alternate positions. Rated at 3 amps, 125V AC, the CW GC-509 switch is UL recognized and is an OFF-ON-(ON) construction. This unique product has one pole that maintains contact in 2 positions and the other pole that acts as a power disconnect switch. 

The GC-509 mounts into a panel opening of.0.756’’X 0.508’’requiring no mounting hardware. The actuator and housing are made of UL94V-0 polyester and available in a wide range of color options, imprinting, terminal type and polarizing means for switch mounting orientation.       The CW GC-509 supplies power to a primary load with the capability of supplying momentary power to secondary loads in applications such as fluorescent lighting, ice makers, white goods, personal grooming, industrial controls, floor care and others.


  • makes or breaks electrical contacts in alternate poles
  • wide range of color options

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