Double Sheet Detector and Smart Sensor


Prime Controls Inc., a leading designer of sensors and controls for machine makers and end users, is pleased to announce their newest double sheet detector, the Pulser II (control model DS210) with electromagnetic, smart sensors (probe model PE36M).  The Pulser II double sheet detector has a compact, NEMA 4X control housing, which conveniently pairs with a newly designed, smart probe that has the ability to remember up to eight (8) calibration values.  This saves time, while eliminating the need to recalibrate after line changes.  The Pulser II is uniquely suited for pick and place applications and can also be mounted on the end of a robotic arm, for metal sheet or metal part transfer. 

The Pulser II detects double sheets of metal that might be stuck together preventing them from entering the press and potentially damaging metal forming dies.  The Pulser II works on Ferrous Metals (Steel and Tinplate), with single sheet thicknesses ranging from .25mm-. 6mm (.01”-.24”).  The Electromagnetic, Smart Probe briefly comes in contact with the metal, as it takes a quick pulsed measurement, to determine the thickness of the metal and then quickly releases the metal for ease of transfer.  The Pulser II has multiple outputs, sensing whether metal is present, whether a single sheet is being detected, whether a double sheet is being detected or whether less than a single sheet is being detected (indicating an under).  

 Features of the system include:

  • Up to 8 Selectable Probe Memory Slots
  • Probes can be swapped for different setups without recalibration -       Compact, Nema 4X polycarbonate enclosure to protect from washdown -       12mm Connector for Quick Change
  • Expanded user interface and diagnostics for insight into operations via RS232
  • Selectable PNP or NPN
  • 24VDC 
 “The Pulser II was designed at the request of customers looking for a compact double sheet sensor, which would easily mount on the end of a robotic arm or pick and place machine.  The control is not much larger than the size of an iPhone,” states Larry Tucker, President at Prime Controls.   “We believe we are the first to design sensors with memory ability” A complete double sheet detection system requires one Pulser II control (model DS210), one sensor (model PE36M), one mounting bracket (model BR36AL) and cables.  


  • NEMA 4X control housing
  • detects double sheets of metal
  • up to 8 Selectable Probe Memory Slots
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