DP86 Wet-Wet Differential Pressure Sensor


The Pressure/Force Design Center of Measurement Specialties Inc. (MEAS) introduced Model DP86, a wet-wet differential pressure sensor capable of reducing measurement error in fluid flow, for both low pressure gas and corrosive liquid measurement. According to MEAS Pressure Products Manager Dave Wagner, “The advantage of using a differential pressure sensor instead of two-gage sensors for measuring fluid flow is that a much higher sensitivity transducer can be used without risking overpressure damage. By using a differential pressure sensor, differential pressure accuracy is independent of the total system pressure.” “A differential pressure sensor,” adds Wagner, “can also be used as a gage sensor where the reference pressure media may be humid, condensing or corrosive.” The DP86 is a double-sided stainless steel isolated, piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor packaged in a rugged 316L stainless steel housing, which makes it suitable for use in liquids and corrosive environments. Other exotic metals are also available for OEM applications. Made for high performance, low pressure applications where differential pressure is required, the DP86 has been designed for O-ring mounting. Its size template is MEAS’ popular small diameter Model 86 pressure capsule. The performance of the DP86 matches differential sensors at five times the price, in a package only one-half the size. The DP86 uses MEAS’ Ultrastable die for long term stability and reliable performance. Seven differential pressure ranges are available, with a low-pressure model (0 to 5 psi) and six other ranges from 0 to 15 up to 0 to 500 psi. Wet-wet differential pressure sensors are most often used for OEM equipment where corrosive gas or liquid level must be controlled. Common applications for the DP86 include liquid and gas flow applications (across an orifice) as well as tank level measurements, water management, process control systems, hydraulic systems, filtration, refrigeration, compressors and aerospace.”
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