Drill Bits Come to the U.S.


SST (Super Speed Tip) drill bits are now in the United States, following 25 years of industry-leading success in Canada.


The state-of-the-art, self-centering split point prevents the “walking” effect on curved surfaces and allows for the drilling of any size of hole in a single operation. The drill bits’ high-flow spiral and chisel edge design maximize chip evacuation, and the field-proven SST heat and surface treatment reduces friction and increases chip flow.


Available in a variety of bit and tap sizes, Walter SST drill bits are made with an exclusive M35 cobalt blend for superior performance and designed with a quick shank to ensure fast and secure tightening in hand-held tools.


  • Drill bit sizes marked on inside panel
  • SST Quick Shank high performance jobbers
  • Sturdy metal index container
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