Drill Bushing Varieties


Carr Lane offers a huge selection of drill bushings, representing more than 60 illustrated pages in the company's catalog, with most available in metric as well as U.S. sizes.


Precision honed and ground, all Carr Lane bushings exceed ANSI standards. Unground bushings are available for oversize holes. Template Bushings, Flat Milled Renewable Bushings, Gun Drill Bushings, Chip-Breaker Bushings, Directed-Coolant Bushings, Air-Feed Bushings, and Unilock Liners are just some of the items in Carr Lane's expanded catalog of drill bushings.


Send for a catalog on CD at Carr Lane Mfg. Co., 4200 Carr Lane Ct., St. Louis, MO 63119 or go to the online catalog at www.carrlane.com.

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