DRO Systems for Gauging Give More Options to Network


Answering the demand for a single-axis position display that could be more fully integrated into a machine data transfer network, HEIDENHAIN introduces the new ND 200 Series Digital Readouts (DROs). This display series hosts multiple inputs, is flexible in its configuration, is suitable for future absolute length gauges and features comprehensive functions. The new single-axis ND 200 DROs come in two variants: the ND 280 featuring standard functions (with monochrome flat screen) to fulfill many measuring tasks and the ND 287 (with color flat screen) which is modular in design and allows up to four inputs. This feature allows toggling between multiple gauges, sensors and encoders to be done easily. Within the HEIDENHAIN ND 287, three additional axis modules are incorporated. Two of them are analog which permit the connection of analog sensors (such as temperature and pressure) and purely serial EnDat 2.2 units which allows for the connection and full use of absolute encoders. Also, this DRO can be integrated into the Ethernet facilitating remote monitoring. SPC (Statistical Process Control) is now also available on the HEIDENHAIN ND 287, allowing the ability to write up to 10,000 measured values to an internal memory and evaluate them statistically. Both the new ND 200s come equipped with a card for gauge hookup (common use) and are an improvement over past HEIDENHAIN single-axis DROs as they sport new features. Among these are the ability to design functional equations to manage interconnected operations of multiple axes and soft keys, which provide many benefits with regard to operation and parameter setting. These units can display both linear and angle/rotary encoders, as well reading distance-coded reference marks. Encoders with EnDat 2.2 can be connected to both. The height and width of the both units result from the requirement that they be suitable for installation in a 19-inch rack. This makes it possible to mount two position displays side by side in an electrical cabinet of this standard.
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