Dry Circuit Leaf Contact


ITT Interconnect Solutions has designed a highly reliable dry circuit leaf contact for hand held devices. The rugged DomeSpring Contact (DSC) Series connector provides a high Hertz force of 300K psi with a maximum contact force of 0.5N. The unique design eliminates the risk of flux and solder migration into the contacts’ working area, while being pick-and-place compatible. A cost competitive interconnect, the DSC Series connector features a simple design that delivers a strong and stable spring rate, as well as board design flexibility.

“The Dome Spring Contact Series devices are a robust interconnect that has neverexperienced an in-field failure. Not only does the DSC Series offer manufacturingforgiveness and freedom of board positioning, but the interconnect also provides a long operating life, even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions found in portableelectronic applications,” said Ted Worroll, product manager at ITT Interconnect Solutions.“With the dome contact spring design, we have developed the most reliable dry circuitdomed contact connector available on the market.” Available in a variety of contact forces and a working height range of 0.9mm to 4.5mm, the DSC Series features a high interconnect mating cycle of 3,000. The 2amp nominal currentcontact is manufactured with BeCu (Beryllium Copper) or TiCu (Titanium Copper), which offers an inherently low contact resistance. The DSC Series devices are ideal for consumer electronic applications including smartphones, handsets, GPS units, laptops computers, PC card devices, smoke detectors, and home electronics devices.


  • high Hertz force of 300K psi
  • maximum contact force of 0.5N
  • simple design that delivers a strong and stable spring rate
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