Dual-Zone GEN2 System Module with Independent Intelligent Control


Humphrey Products has introduced a new Dual-Zone GEN2 ™ System that incorporates two pneumatic valves and its Independent Intelligent Control into a single module. Instead of a central computer or PLC, each GEN2 valve module contains its own on-board programmed logic to control both valves independently. The valve module communicates directly with other modules, and makes independent decisions based on its own individual program instructions. The system was designed for use on pneumatically powered accumulation conveyors, but the technology can be applied to non-pneumatic conveyor systems, as well as a range of sequential and proportional control applications in other industries.

By eliminating the need for a central computer and its complex programming, the

GEN2 System offers a wide range of opportunities to save money and improve productivity. The quick-connect design, called Plug & Run™ technology, makes installation easy by reducing assembly time. Simple menu-driven programming enables users to select options to improve system productivity, reduce energy costs and if desired, to reconfigure the entire system without reprogramming. While the system can function without a central computer, it can be connected to the LAN to provide operators with status and diagnostic information.
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