Banner Engineering Corp. introduces the DUO-TOUCH® Run Bar with STB Buttons for two-hand control machine actuation. The Run Bar easily interfaces with DUO-TOUCH SG Two-Hand Control Modules, SC22-3 Safety Controllers or other Type IIIC control systems to provide convenient, reliable actuation. The DUO-TOUCH Run Bar minimizes the possibility of defeat and accidental actuation, and its ergonomic design reduces hand, wrist and arm stresses associated with repeated switch operation. The Run Bar includes two preinstalled STB Touch Buttons, making set up and installation easy. The DUO-TOUCH Run Bar features robust, 13-gauge cold-rolled steel construction and a unique design for maximum ergonomics and safety for machine initiation. In addition, its diverse-redundant, self-checking, microcontroller-based photoelectric STB Buttons minimize the risk of defeat. The STB Buttons are also immune to ambient light, EMI and RFI interference, and they provide high excess gain to cut through heavy contamination. Plus, the STB Buttons feature bright status LEDs to indicate power, output and fault. For added convenience and installation flexibility, models with an integrated emergency stop button, along with a variety of accessory brackets and telescoping floor-mounted stands are available. List price for the DUO-TOUCH Run Bar with STB Buttons starts at $358. “The new DUO-TOUCH Run Bar is designed to solve the ergonomic problems associated with mechanical push buttons, while simplifying installation,” said Mike Carlson, technical manager for Banner’s safety products. “The Run Bar contains two preinstalled STB Self-Checking Touch Buttons which require no physical pressure to activate, protecting workers from hand, wrist and arm injuries resulting from stressful manual operation.” Carlson adds, “The Run Bar, when used with a DUO-TOUCH SG Two-Hand Control Module or other IIIC (per ISO 13851) compliant system, meets U.S. and international standards and minimizes the possibility of defeat or accidental operation in machine actuation applications.” Applications. The DUO-TOUCH Run Bar is designed to comply with ANSI B11.19 and ISO 13851 (EN 574) Type IIIC two-hand control requirements, making it a rugged, reliable solution for general initiation of a cycle on a variety of machines, including: Punch and power presses Cutting and forming machines Riveting and swaging machines Heat staking machines Table-top robots In addition, several features of the DUO-TOUCH Run Bar make it particularly easy to set up and use: Minimizes risk of defeat and accidental machine actuation Provides a convenient and economical means for safeguarding when interfaced with DUO-TOUCH SG Two-Hand Control Modules or comparable control systems Offers ergonomic design for reduced hand, wrist and arm stress Constructed of robust, 13-gauge cold-rolled steel Provides two diverse-redundant microcontroller-based photoelectric STB Touch Buttons with continuous internal self-checking Offers models with an integrated emergency stop button Features bright LED power, output and fault indicators Offers optional telescoping stands and brackets Provides knockouts for wiring flexibility and installation of accessory EZ-LIGHT™ indicators Meets ANSI B11.19 and ISO 13851 (EN574) standards
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