The Model 570 Duplex Pipeline Basket Strainer from Eaton continuously protects system components in pipelines from 8" to 36" in size. The strainer removes particulate matter from the system flow to protect valves, pumps, meters, and other expensive equipment from damage. Eaton's Model 570 Duplex Pipeline Basket Strainer has been designed so that system flow never has to be shut down for strainer basket cleaning. The strainer's hand wheel operates a sliding gate that permits the flow to be switched between either of two straining chambers in order to permit one chamber to remain on-line, while baskets are removed from the out-of-service chamber for cleaning. The strainer's sliding gate valve design features a free-floating valve disc for easy operation, and the valve's operating stem is fully enclosed to protect it from the process media. The use of four separate strainer baskets in each of the two chambers makes it easier for operators to clean baskets because each basket is much smaller and easier to handle than a single, large basket would be. This multi-basket design also reduces the overall size of the strainer, making it ideal for installations where space is a problem.
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