Durable Rating Plate Labels


Computer Imprintable Label Systems (CILS) has developed a new durable, full-color printed, synthetic label range to replace expensive riveted metal data plates; saving time and reducing costs. The unique range of CILS-8200/9200 metalized polyester labels provide excellent durability and maximum resistance against the harshest industrial conditions, such as abrasion, oils, grease, extreme temperatures (-196°C to +388°C), chemicals and severe weathering. Variable data can be printed ‘in-house’, ‘on-demand’ using an existing PC and office Laser or Thermal Transfer printer, offering excellent label production flexibility.

CILS-8200/9200 ‘hi-tech’ labels are available in the widest range of adhesives to permanently adhere to all surfaces including ABS plastics, powder coated, textured, cast aluminum, oily, curved surfaces etc.

CILS manufactures the widest range of durable labels in any size, shape and color; supplied blank or partially pre-printed with your logo/corporate design for you to add data using a standard office printer. CILS also offers a unique Label Bureau Service, professionally printing your barcodes and number sequences for you, providing ‘ready-to-apply’, ‘hassle-free’ serialized labels.
Samples are available.


  • full-color printed
  • excellent durability
  • permanently adhere to all surfaces
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