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The SplitStream "S" Collector is a counter-cyclonic dust collector that has no major moving components and is capable of handling a wide range of materials, all while requiring minimal maintenance.  The unique design of Aerodyne's SplitStream "S" Collector gives it a significant advantage over other dust collectors on the market, ensuring that a minimal amount of particulate comes in contact with the interior walls of the collector. This eliminates excess wear and enables the collection of abrasive particulate.  Unlike other cyclonic dust collectors, the SplitStream can be configured in both vertical and horizontal designs. With a wide range of sizes and installation options, the SplitStream "S" Collector is a perfect fit for nearly any plant space layout. The versatility of this counter-cyclonic dust collector means lower installation costs and lower maintenance. Additionally, both configurations are available in three different designs. The Dirty Air Secondary design takes two dust laden airstreams and produces one clean airstream. The Clean Secondary design uses a clean airstream to clean the dirty airstream. It can be used to heat or cool air and/or dilute airstreams. The Recycle Secondary design takes a portion of the outlet airstream and uses it for the secondary airstream. This design receives the highest dust removal efficiency.  

The Aerodyne SplitStream is field-proven for more than 30 years in a wide variety of applications in the chemical and food industries. It can handle saw dust, fly ash, sand, coffee, glass dust, cereal/grain, limestone dust, fiberglass dust, plastics, gypsum, and a wide range of other particulate. In most applications, the SplitStream is used as an integrated part of an air cleaning system, a particularly important advantage since its capabilities greatly extend the life of other components in the air cleaning system. For instance, baghouses and cartridge filters are protected from process heating, and they also stay cleaner longer, reducing material expenses and labor costs. The efficiency of the Aerodyne SplitStream rises as the size of the particulate increases, making it ideal for placement in processes before baghouses or cartridge filters. Additionally, the collected particulate can be returned to the process line for reuse or sent out for disposal. Aerodyne's SplitStream "S" Collector operates when a dirty gas stream enters the collector chamber and moves past the stationary spinner that introduces a rotation to the gas stream. Centrifugal force throws the collected particulate toward the outer walls, where it is intercepted by a secondary gas stream and forced downward toward the hopper. The secondary gas stream keeps particulate away from the collector housing, eliminating the need for abrasion resistant materials or costly heavy-duty construction.  The SplitStream is capable of handling a multitude of applications. It is ideal for wet, sticky, or hydroscopic applications and fibrous dust that would typically bind or cause issues with fabric filters. Additionally, it is ideal for abrasive dust that would prematurely wear out standard cyclones. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -20°F to +700°F, making it a durable option that can operate in countless applications.


  • no major moving components
  • collects abrasive particulate
  • vertical and horizontal designs
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