Guyson Corporation has introduced a cartridge-

type dust collector that has sufficient capacity for large manual blast cabinets with direct

pressure media delivery. The Model D1000 is also suitable for the dust collection

requirements of moderate-sized automated blasting systems with multiple blast guns.

With its 3 horsepower (2.2 KW) blower and non-ferrous 3,450 RPM impeller, the D1000 dust

collector  extracts an adjustable 1,000 cubic feet of air per minute. Fabricated in continuously

welded 12-gauge steel plate, the overall dimensions of the unit are 112" H x 40" W x 50" D

(2845 x 1016 x 1270 mm).  Reinforcement of the body panels and doors dampens vibration

and helps reduce the dust collector's operating noise level below 80 dBA. The unit is

supplied with a 22-gallon rolling dust drum.

Each of the dust collector's two pleated paper cartridges has a filter area of 226 square feet.

The filters are treated with flame retardant and pre-coated to provide an average efficiency of

99.99 percent for particles of 0.5 micron or larger. The blast equipment and dust collector

manufacturer offers an optional HEPA filter for the Model D1000 to meet the most stringent

particulate emissions standards.

Automatic pulse jet cleaning of the filter cartridges is microprocessor-controlled in the D1000.

When dust accumulates on the surface of the filter, a brief and measured burst of dry

compressed air is automatically directed into each cartridge to purge dust from the filter and

maintain filtration at full efficiency, without interruption of the air flow and dust collection. A

color-coded manometer gauge is installed to continuously indicate the pressure differential

across the filters and to clearly show when cartridge replacement is necessary.

Changing of the filters in the Model D1000 dust collector is simplified by a convenient slide-in

cartridge carrier and a smooth lever-action clamping mechanism that positively seals and

locks the filters in position.

Specifically designed for cabinet-blast dust collection, the D1000 has a butterfly-type blast

gate with a clearly indexed dial face and a positive-set locking screw, features that facilitate

adjustment and fine-tuning of the cyclone separator and the blast media reclamation system.

The manufacturer claims this takes the guesswork out of balancing the reclaim air flow.

Optional features offered for the Model D1000 include a separate pressure differential gauge

to monitor the condition of a HEPA filter, as well as an electronic sensor and fault indicator to

alert an attendant when the collector's dust drum is full.

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