Dust-Free Bottled Eyewash Station


The new Opti-aid® bottled eyewash station from Bradley Corp. is the first to actually repel dust to help prevent further contamination to the eyes. The Opti-aid personal eyewash features a unique static-resistant curved dust cover to minimize dust collection and keep the top of the bottle clean and ready-to-use.

The exclusive safety yellow bottled eyewash holder can be easily seen, even when vision is compromised. An easy to access, pull-away dust cover protects the bottled eyewash. The Opti-Aid station can be easily mounted to a wall or other solid surface – and it’s cost-effective enough to install at each workstation. The personal eyewash helps flush hazards from the eye prior to a user reaching an ANSI-compliant eyewash station for a full 15-minute flush.

Opti-aid is dual-sterilized and safety sealed with a tamper-evident cap for user protection. Bottles are available in 16- and 32-ounce sizes – both with tri-lingual bottle labeling and graphics to ensure that all users can quickly see how to use the eyewash. Bradley’s Opti-aid solution is crystal clear, odorless and less irritating than other eyewash solutions available.
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