Dust Suppression Ring


The industry leader in open area dust suppression has introduced four new sizes of its popular dust suppression ring, giving bulk material handlers a wide range of options to suit specific conveyor sizes and discharge flows.  The DustBoss® DB-RTM Ring from Dust Control Technology is designed for use at material discharge points, creating a virtual curtain around the outflow for outstanding particle containment.  

By surrounding the discharge flow on all sides -- and with no moving parts to wear out -- the DustBoss Rings provide focused and reliable dust management that’s well suited to continuous duty, such as radial stackers, crushers and screeners. “The DB-R is designed for mounting at the end of conveyor belts to aid in dust suppression directly at the discharge point,” explained DCT VP Aaron Valencic.  “The most effective approach to dust management is to address the source whenever possible, and the ring applies suppression right as the material leaves the conveyor or discharge chute.”  The four new sizes include 30" (76.2 cm), 48" (121.92 cm), 54" (137.16 cm) and 72" (182.88 cm) models.  Engineered for industrial strength and longevity, the high-quality stainless steel rings are tested to withstand pressures of up to 900 PSI, with brass atomizing nozzles that deliver millions of 50-200 micron droplets per minute.  

Now available in nine standard sizes, from 17" (43.2 cm) to 100" (254 cm) in diameter, all models can be customized with DCT’s Variable Particle Sizing technology, allowing customers to specify non-standard droplet size ranges to match specific materials. The number and size of the atomizing nozzles vary by model, from 18 to as many as 85 on the largest ring, the DB-R 100.  Water flows range from 3.25 GPM (12.3 LPM) to 52.95 GPM (200.44 LPM).  An optional booster pump can also be added to increase water flow and pressure, and units can be equipped with a two-way valve to provide manual control over water flow. The intrinsically safe DB-R is intended for elevated mounting, and requires no electrical power or compressed air.  The water supply hose is connected directly to male pipe threads on the ring: 3/4" NPT for the 17" model, and 1" NPT for the intermediate sizes.  For large applications, the 100" diameter model is supplied by a 1.5" NPT hose.  


  • surrounds the discharge flow on all sides
  • 17" (43.2 cm) to 100" (254 cm) in diameter
  • Water flows range from 3.25 GPM (12.3 LPM) to 52.95 GPM (200.44 LPM)
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