DX Series Bench-Mounted Dispenser


MIXPAC Equipment Inc., a leading innovator of dual-component dispensing systems, announces its DXB Bench Dispenser. The MIXPAC DXB Bench Dispenser is a portable, bench-top unit that offers a fast, simple and accurate solution for dispensing two-component reactive resins of 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1, 4:1, and 10:1 ratios.

The DXB Bench Dispenser is a highly versatile and economic dispensing system that allows the A & B components of flowable adhesives to be gravity-fed from separate, refillable 2-gallon containers through an integral DXB Dispenser. This bench-top dispenser, which comes with a foot pedal actuator, allows for a hands-free operation that ensures precise mix ratios and reproducible results. The stand is fully adjustable over three axes and can accommodate a wide range of product applications.

About MIXPAC Equipment, Inc.

MIXPAC Equipment, Inc. is an engineering based company focused on developing an innovative line of refillable dispensing systems for 2-component adhesives and sealants.


• Metering pumpspositive displacement, plunger type • Fixed volumetric dispensing ratios1:1 / 1.5:1 / 2:1 / 4:1 / 10:1 • Max. output per strokeDXH325 ml • DXH450 ml • Total volume of containers(A + B)approx. 1’000 ml (2:1=1’250 ml) • Container materialPP or PA 12 • Mixer sizes (F-type)DN 6, 8, 10 & 13 mm • Viscosity rangelow to medium high • Air supply 6 bar (90 PSI) • WeightDXH32.4 kg (5.3 lbs) • DXH43.0 kg (6.6 lbs)
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