Dyla-Trol® Flow Controls


The unique construction of Mead's Dyla-Trol® assures a perfectly tapering flow.  This unprecedented smoothness is made possible by the "iris" type orifice mechanism.  Where needle-type flow controls generate turbulence as they close, Dyla-Trol® maintains an even 360° laminar flow regardless of the setting.

High Repeatability

The fast-acting check mechanism in each free flow model responds to very slight changes in pressure.  This guarantees fast resetting and dependable repeatability with each cycle.

Precise-Metering Flow Control

Fine tune the speed of your cylinders with precise-metering Dyla-Trol® Valves.  No other flow control provides such accurate control of cylinder motion.

For best results locate flow control valves right on the cylinder ports with the "free flow" direction pointing toward the cylinder.  Air exhausting from the cylinder will then be metered.  Controlling air entering the cylinder produces a less smooth motion.

Compact Inline Design

The convenient inline design makes flow setting and plumbing easy.  The hexagonal adjusting sleeve, which may be turned by hand, is only greater in diameter than the tubing and has no protuberances to impair hook-up,

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