Dyna-Mation Series: DM1 and DM2


Mead's new DM2 Cylinders are constructed with an extruded body design rather than a tie-rod design, making these cylinders better suited for clean environments.

Dyna-Mation vs. HD Models

Dyna-Mation Cylinders are designed to generate high performance in most applications.  However, when operating conditions are severe, heavy duty models (HD) are recommended.  The HD Series boasts the added benefits of a large-coated outboard rod bearing.  The following profiles illustrate the differences of the rod end head in both types of cylinders:


Built to Last (Materials)

  • Cylinder heads are machined from solid aluminum bar stock and black anodized.
  • Tubes (DM1) and Tube Extrusions (DM2) are aluminum hard anodized to 60 Rc (16 RMS finish).
  • Pistons are solid high alloy aluminum.
  • Pistons have a PTFE wear band.
  • Dynamic seals are high quality wear-compensating Buna N block V rings.
  • Rods are hard chrome plated ground and polished steel.
  • Rod Wipers are PTFE
  • Tie Rods (DM1) are high tensile steel torqued to allow for flexure.
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