Dynamic Calibrator


Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced a new Dynamic Calibrator, a laser-based calibration system for measuring machine-tool and coordinate-measuring-machine (CMM) accuracy. New sensors in the system offer accuracy to 0.4ppm, setting a new industry standard. The Agilent 5530 Dynamic Calibrator is smaller and lighter than previous versions, providing improved portability. The system works with Agilent’s 5519A and 5519B lasers, recognized industry-wide for their extraordinary stability, reliability and long life. Calibrators are used by manufacturers, operators and calibration service providers to verify machine-tool accuracy and make precision distance measurements. “As product tolerances become more and more stringent, the need for maintaining the accuracy of the machine tools producing them becomes even greater,” said Bill Volk, Agilent general manager, Nano Positioning Metrology Division. “Agilent’s new dynamic calibrator offers a 20-percent improvement in accuracy over what is available with other systems. This is a leap forward in the ability to meet these requirements. In today’s lean factory environment, high-precision machine tool calibration can offer significant cost savings by improving manufacturing performance and reducing scrap and re-work. In addition it allows them to more efficiently use materials, thus reducing trim waste.” The ISO 9000 series of quality standards require manufacturers to maintain certification verifying that machine tools meet calibration specifications that are traceable to NIST or other acknowledged standards bodies. The powerful measurement capability of the Agilent 5530 enables customers to document conformance to eight international standards and use compensation data to correct machine positioning errors and diagnose geometry problems. The Agilent 5530 Dynamic Calibrator system has all the basic components necessary to measure machine tool positioning and accuracy, including the laser source, optics, PC-based electronics and Microsoft Windows®-based software. A wide range of optics and accessories is available for a comprehensive set of calibration measurements. The design of the Agilent 5530 incorporates both performance enhancements and cost reductions.
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