E2® Metal-Detectable Disposable Earplugs


Magid Glove & Safety expands its Magid® E2® line of hearing protection solutions today with the introduction of E2 IHP532C Metal-Detectable Disposable Earplugs. Corded, metal detectable and bright blue in color, E2 IHP532C Earplugs complement the existing Magid E2 product line in price, comfort and performance and are the ideal choice in hearing protection for food processing and other applications requiring a metal-detectable earplug. Made from soft, hypo-allergenic polyurethane foam, E2 IHP532C Metal-Detectable Earplugs’ tapered design provides a secure, comfortable fit that packs a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 32, among the highest protection available in the market. The earplugs are corded to help keep them in place and to aid in loss prevention. Should the plugs become accidentally expelled into food during processing, the E2 IHP532C Earplug’s highly visible bright blue color and embedded, metal-detectable, small brass ball allow for enhanced visual and automatic detection for safe removal. Also, unlike many other metal-detectable earplugs, the brass ball in the center of the E2 IHP532C Earplug is securely encased in foam with no exposed metal. Available for immediate shipment, E2 IHP532C Earplugs are packed one pair per sealed polybag and come 200 pairs per dispenser.


* Metal-detactable for use in food processing * Superior protection and comfort * Corded for increased retention * Convenient dispensing options * Bright blue color easily detected
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