– From construction to factory assembly lines, Radians Custom Molded Earplugs are must-haves for individuals requiring much needed hearing protection.  At a reasonable price, workers can have the comfort of custom-fitted earplugs where high noise levels are apparent.
This do-it-yourself kit molds quite easily with no mess, no hassles.  In just a few simple steps, users can make their own form-fitted earplugs in a matter of minutes.  The plugs come packaged as two separate clay-like materials.  You roll the material together to begin the curing process.  While it is still soft, you gently press the material in each ear, letting it sit for 10 minutes before removing.  And just that simple - you have custom-fitted earplugs that can be worn time and time again.    
The finished product is a long-lasting, washable earplug that fits the ear perfectly.  Made in the USA, Radians’ proprietary Custom Molded Earplugs provide optimal hearing protection for end-users at 26 decibels for noise reduction.  Another benefit of the earplugs is that it is safe; it is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and environmentally-friendly.  This product comes with a mini-storage bag, and the earplugs are available in several colors including red, orange, tan, and blue. 

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