Easy Removable UV Curable Adhesive


Master Bond Inc. has developed a new one component, flexible, UV curable polymer system called UV14-3 for bonding, sealing and coating with the convenient feature of being readily removable by most conventional solvents. It is a 100% reactive, moderate viscosity liquid at ambient temperatures which does not contain any solvents or other volatiles. When exposed to a UV light source, Master Bond Polymer System UV14-3 cures as a durable, tough, non-yellowing system which can be used as an adhesive, sealant and coating. UV14-3 also possesses excellent electrical insulation properties. Maximum absorption of UV energy takes place in the 250-365 nanometer range. The cured coatings, adhesives and sealants can be used over the exceptionally wide temperature range of -60°F to +250F.

   Unlike many other commercially available UV curing products, the Master Bond Polymer System UV14-3 is not oxygen inhibited and exhibits a desirably fast curing rate at ambient temperatures even in the presence of air. The Master Bond Polymer System UV14-3 can be cured in much greater section thickness (up to 1/8 inch deep) compared to most conventional UV type systems, making it of value for various electronic and opto-electronic potting and encapsulation applications. This performance characteristic is due to its uniquely effective catalyst system. Another noteworthy property of the UV14-3 is its high flexibility which imparts excellent vibration and shock resistance as well as superior ability to withstand thermal cycling and thermal shock. Most importantly,

   UV14-3 is readily attacked by most solvents making it the ideal selection when the UV system must be easily removed. Master Bond Polymer System UV14-3 can be cured in very short time periods depending upon type of UV lamp, distance of the lamp from the surface of the UV14-3, thickness of the section of the UV14-3 to be used, etc. Typical cure 200 watt/inch medium pressure mercury vapor lamps are recommended. Curing line speeds as high as 500ft./minute and more have been obtained for thin films of the UV14-3 polymer system. No solvents or other volatiles are released during the curing process. UV14-3 offers the desirable combination of outstanding durability, toughness and thermal shock resistance as well as excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates combined with the ability to be easily removed by solvents such as acetone, xylene and MEK, etc. The storage stability of the Master Bond Polymer System is 6 months at room temperature in the original, unopened containers.

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