Easy-to-Install Thermistor Temperature Sensor Provides Fast Response


Spectrum Sensors and Controls introduces the Sens-A-Coil thermistor type sensor for monitoring the refrigerant temperature in condenser and evaporator coils. This patented sensor integrates a fast response thermistor element into a plastic overmolded copper clip specially designed to snap onto 3/8" return bends. Sens-A-Coil features a sensor housed in a small bulb which is attached to the copper clips. This design maximizes sensing surface area allowing the sensing element to quickly react to any changes in the refrigerant temperature and provide excellent thermal tracking. Previously, a number of "thermowell" or strap-on designs have been used for this function, but they either were difficult/time consuming to install or did not accurately sense the refrigerant temperature. The Sens-A-Coil solves both of these problems and since no tools are needed for installation, time and money can be saved in both production and field service environments. The Sens-A-Coil is available in 5 and 10 kO models and comes with a 10 ft. AWG#22 PVC jacketed cable. The unit also is well suited for use in HVAC diagnostic equipment and tools. These sensors are priced at approximately $5.50 per 1,000 pieces with a lead time of stock to 4 weeks.
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