EAZY-CAL? Signal Conditioner for LVDT Position Sensors


Macro Sensors announces the release of EAZY-CAL™, the most user-friendly LVDT signal conditioner currently on the market. Employing a virtually effortless fingertip calibration routine, the EAZY-CAL signal conditioner  saves time and money by eliminating the repetitive null and span potentiometer adjustments associated with conventional analog based signal conditioners.

Using two easily accessible front panel push buttons, calibrations are accomplished digitally in mere seconds. An intuitive, sequencing four LED status indicator guides the operator through the calibration process, and provides foolproof feedback to insure calibration integrity. Full calibration instructions, along with a connection diagram are conveniently outlined on the side panel for quick reference.

Operating on a nominal +24V DC power input, the EAZY-CAL signal conditioner provides a low noise 0 to +10 V DC output, over an operating temperature range of +32oF to +160oF (0oC to +70oC). Supporting most manufacturers’ LVDT position sensors with plug and play compatibility, the EAZY-CAL can be remotely located by up to 100+ feet to facilitate LVDT operation in extreme environments. Other features include Master/Slave synchronization capabilities (up to 10), and a high impact / flame retardant plastic housing for harsh factory and industrial environments. Compact and lightweight (2.3 oz.), the EAZY-CAL™ measures just 2.77” x 3.35” x 0.7”, making them ideal for space restrictive applications.

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