Economic Power Chuck - ROTA NCKplus


SCHUNK introduces a new line of economic power chucks, the ROTA NCKplus. In addition to features like a large through hole, an improved lubrication system, and high clamping repeatability, the ROTA NCKplus offers the compatibility with a wide range of existing machining centers. The ROTA NCKplus from SCHUNK offers a robust one-piece chuck body for increased rigidity. The long precision piston guide and support guarantee less wear, a high level of continuous clamping accuracy, and long life. Combined with the industry’s best warranty of 2 years, this power chuck represents an interesting alternative to already existing lathe chucks.
The jaw interface is available in two versions: fine serration 1.5 mm x 60° or with 1/16 x 90° serration offering the user a high flexibility with regards to the use of existing top jaws.

The ROTA NCKplus is available for all CNC lathes in the sizes 165 (6”), 210 (8”), 250 (10”), and 315 (12”), with clamping forces from 57 kN (12.814 lbf) to 144 kN (32.392 lbf). It is suitable for maximum speeds of 6,000 rpm and combines jaw strokes ranging from 2.75 (0.108”) – 5.30 mm (0.208”) per jaw.

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