Efficient, reliable booster compressors to 650 psig


Kaeser Compressors has expanded its proven line of booster compressors. Providing pressures to 650 psig and flows to 685 cfm fad, these units are a convenient, economical way to boost existing plant pressure while eliminating the need for expensive, separate high pressure systems.

Mounted on heavy-gauge base plates with anti-vibration pads, Kaeser boosters eliminate the need for special foundations and fastenings. Standard N Series High Pressure compressors come complete with TEFC motor and starter, as well as aluminum cylinder heads and finned cooper cooling pipes for efficient aftercooling. Booster Extra Pressure (EP) compressors include precision manufactured, two or three cylinder pumps with 100% duty cycle and a new forced lubrication system with continuous, full filtration. These features, combined with an automatic v-belt tensioning device, provide reliable operation and extended equipment service life.
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