Electric Actuator


The Original Line Electric Rod-type Actuator is designed for the longest life, greatest durability, highest speed, and greatest thrust per dollar.

  • Three day lead time on standard models.
  • Custom models to suit diverse application requirements.
  • Wide variety of standard options.
  • Available with and without motor and drivers.
  • Standard actuators mount to a wide variety of steppers and servos.
  • Thrusts up to 350 pounds.
  • Speeds up to 20 inches per second.
  • Strokes up to 18 inches.
Click here to view Bimba's interactive presentation on the Original Line Electric Actuator.

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Please complete the Electric Actuator checklist for all new applications.  Include as much information as possible.  It will help us steer you to the best solution for your application. Open the form and click "submit" when you are finished.

Short Form Electric Actuator Checklist (109 KB)
Long Form Electric Actuator Checklist (200 KB)

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