Electric Conveyor Oven


Benko Products, Inc. announces its Sahara Electric Conveyor Oven. Although this particular oven was designed for curing plastic molds, it can be used for various heating applications. The oven is designed to heat up to 350˚F. It can be used for many heating applications: curing, drying, pre-heating and more. The oven is ideal for FIFO (first in, first out) drums or totes. 

Precise temperature control is achieved through the ovens’ unique controls system, which includes a thermocouple actuated, digital temperature controller; motor control pushbuttons; ON-OFF heat switch; LED pilot lights; and adjustable over-temperature control. Available in carbon steel or stainless steel, Sahara Electric Conveyor Ovens are available in a variety of air-flow patterns to suit an end-user’s specific needs.


  • designed to heat up to 350˚F
  • precise temperature control
  • carbon steel or stainless steel
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