Electric Helmets Take the Lead With Fire and Speed


“The Motorsports helmet captures the essence of speed,” explained Miller product manager Tom Sommers. “NASCAR, boat racing, motocross, you name it—if it involves an engine and going fast, that’s what we had in mind when designing this helmet.”

The Motorsports helmet features a competition yellow background accented with red and green tear-aways and checkered flag graphics on all four sides. The Fire Storm design unites the graphic themes of the Red Flame and Black Flame helmets, which it replaces. The Fire Storm helmet sports a black background with yellow and red flames along the front, sides and top.

Both helmets are part of the new Performance Series, which replaces the previous Xli and Xlix helmet lines and adds several new features, including three arc sensors instead of two, a quick-release front cover lens holder with a rubber spatter gasket and lens controls conveniently located at the bottom of the lens. The Performance Series helmets also include Miller’s Auto-On and Grind Mode features. Auto-On eliminates accidental arc flash by automatically detecting the arc even if the helmet hasn’t been used for an extended amount of time. Grind mode allows the helmet to be used as a protective shield by preventing the lens from darkening while grinding.
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