Electric nutrunners with the data collection


CS Controllers Designed to Auto OEM Tightening Specs Now Run CP’s Precision ER Titanium, EM Series Tools Requirements of US based automotive OEM’s have strongly influenced the design of electric tightening tools and the controllers that run those tools for the safe, verifiable and productive assembly of passenger vehicles. Now, Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company (CP) combines the technologies of its most precise electric nutrunners with the data collection, networking and process accept/reject signaling capabilities of its latest series of CS controllers. CP is proud to introduce the space-saving CS5700 Controllers for use with the resolver technology ER series electric handheld nutrunners and EM series fixtured spindles. The titanium right angle ERAL models are the fastest, lightest tools on the market in their class. Exterior packaging gives the CS5700 Controllers the desired compact dimensions so important in assembly cell space layouts: Programming Options Users are able to connect a laptop PC or server based PC loaded with the intuitive Visual Supervisor (VS) program for easy setup of any CS5700 controller. Controllers with built-in keypad/display permit quick, basic setup; VS provides more advanced, specialized programming in the Windows® ‘drag-and-drop’ environment. CS5700 Basic+ controller with parameter set dial and CS5700 Advanced controller with built-in keypad/display and process signaling LEDs bring a space saving enclosure and the power of the Visual Supervisor (VS) tightening system program to CP’s resolver precise ER and EM Series nutrunners and fixtured spindles.
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