Electric XEBRA™ Truck Truly Has Different Stripes


A new electric vehicle transforms easily and quickly between pickup, dump truck or flatbed configuration. This first city-class electric truck shows promise of becoming the first choice for in-city delivery assignments, park maintenance and countless other tasks where quiet service and low operating costs are held highest.

XEBRA™ PK is the name of this newest introduction to the ZAP lineup of electric vehicles. Operating costs as low as 3 cents per mile are claimed for the zero emission vehicles. The unique, quiet and affordable little truck promises to tote a payload of up to 300 lbs at a speed up to 40 miles per hour and over a range of 25 miles per charge (estimated 40 miles per day with opportunity charging). An onboard 110V AC charger is included with the vehicle so charging of the lead acid battery may take place at any available 110volt outlet. Zap has added accessories to help extend battery life, like an optional solar panel, a longer range battery pack, and even a fast-charger that can recharge the XEBRA in under an hour.

XEBRA™ PK overall dimensions are 10’ lg. x 4.66’ w. x 5’ h, with an overall wt. approx. 1820 lbs. It seats up to two people. Std colors are white or blue with right-hand drive available for utility and parking enforcement applications.
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