Electro-Permanent Magnetic Workholding


EEPM magnetic workholding chucks from Earth-Chain are a powerful and flexible workholding solution that drastically reduces set-up time. They are used for normal and heavy duty drilling, milling, and boring operations on thin to thick workpieces.

Sliding pole extensions support uneven work pieces so rough or uneven stock is no problem to hold. Even round stock is easy to hold (photo). Workpiece distortion does not occur, so tool chatter is minimized and surface finish and tool life are improved.

No electricity is needed to keep the EEPM chuck ON,… the electro-permanent magnet keeps on holding tight even during a complete power loss. Holding power of neodymium iron boron magnet is over 100MT/Sqm. 26 sizes to choose from. Easily integrates with pallet changing and FMS systems.

· Powerful and flexible workholding fast!
· Machine 5-sides AND right through the workpiece!
· Magnetic holding eliminates workpiece distortion

· Significantly reduce setup times and increase productivity!
· Machine difficult jobs without complicated setups!
· Accept work you used to turn down!


• Width – 31.9" • Length – 29.5" • No. Poles – 120 • Amps - 30
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