Electro-Pneumatic Positioner


ABB has unveiled the EDP300 series digital positioner for regulating air-driven linear and rotary actuators, including control valves. The EDP300 design incorporates an advanced algorithm to precisely position the valve actuator with unsurpassed accuracy and speed. It also offers ABB’s best-in-class HMI (Human Machine Interface) with menu-driven programming and control selection of options, saving time and cost. EDP300 diagnostics include optional pressure sensors to determine valve/actuator performance, allowing engineers to monitor actuator conditions in real-time and improving process reliability. The unit also incorporates a Partial Stroke Test (PST) function for in-process verification of valve integrity. With an integrated valve signature function, testing and verification of actuator and positioner assembly baseline performance can be performed without the need for additional hardware. The pneumatic output control stage of the EDP300 provides up to 23 scfm air capacity for fast valve travel, eliminating the need for volume boosters. Supply pressures up to 145 psi deliver unsurpassed valve seating load. Designed with a high degree of mounting flexibility, the EDP300 has application options for linear or rotary actuators with the same footprint as the ABB TZIDC positioner. An optional stainless steel housing permits the EDP300 to operate in corrosive environments typically found in chemical, pulp & paper, and offshore applications.


  • incorporates an advanced algorithm
  • menu-driven programming
  • optional pressure sensors
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