Products in the Scapa Electrofix line are single-coated with medical grade acrylic adhesives in varying tacks. For patients with acrylic sensitivities, a medical grade synthetic rubber resin adhesive is also available. All Electrofix adhesives are compatible with hydrogels and will remove easily without leaving residue. Scapa Electrofix adhesives are supplied on a range of foam, film, non-woven, and laminate backings. These flexible and conformable backings include: water-repellent polyethylene foams that provide cushioning, breathable polyester and viscose non-wovens for extended wear, water repellent polyethylene laminates that provide the benefits of non-wovens, and a discrete polyethylene film that can be perforated for breathability and extended wear. Supplied on heavy-duty glassine release liners, Scapa Electrofix products are dimensionally-stable and suitable for high speed conversion and die-cutting. Standard Electrofix products are available in white finishes or as clear polyethylene films. Other colors, including tan, are available on request. Foam and film carriers are supplied with pretreated surfaces that facilitate printing and label fixation.

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