Electromechanical Cylinders Combine Power, Speed and Efficiency


The new series of Electromechanical (EMC) Cylinders from Bosch Rexroth provides high thrust, high speed capabilities with greater flexibility and control to applications traditionally using hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. The EMC cylinders’ combination of power, speed and corrosion-resistant construction, makes them ideally-suited to applications in packaging and material handling, assembly and robotics, wood manufacturing, metal forming, plastics, paper converting and web handling. The EMC cylinders contain a precision-rolled ball screw actuator, providing high positioning accuracy and repeatability while eliminating stick-slip effect. The low-maintenance drives are highly efficient, reducing energy costs and offering an environmentally friendly alternative to hydraulics. The broad EMC product range gives users custom control over the required positioning accuracy, axial thrust power, torque and speed. EMC cylinders are available in six sizes ranging from 32 to 100, with stroke lengths of up to 2,000mm, and speed capabilities of up to 1.6m/sec. Each unit is rated to an IP65 degree of protection. Thanks to identical connection dimensions with ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinder standards, the EMC cylinders can be seamlessly integrated into traditional pneumatic applications. The EMC’s versatility allows for both direct and parallel motor mounting options, numerous rod end, flange, trunnion and clevis mounting options, and a selection of step and servo motors with various performance profiles.
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