Electronic Valve Controller


The evc controller offers the user multiple options in one neat package. The command signal can be either industry standard voltage ( 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC ) or current ( 4-20mA ) while the mobile industry can take advantage of the SAE J1939 compatibility using it as a powerful and effective local control node for distributed systems. This one controller allows for basic proportional valve control as well as more complex applications that involve anti-stall, horse power optimization or even an automotive style operating platform, making this a very versatile all-in-one module.


Product Features:

  • Open-loop proportional pressure OR flow control
  • Closed-loop PID proportional pressure OR speed control
  • Single- or dual-coil, 12 or 24Vdc valve controller
  • Configurable input and feedback signals
  • 2x 3.0-amp proportional PWM outputs (auto-ranging)
  • Anti-stall or Horsepower-limiting modes
  • Frequency / tacho / pulse feedback I/P
  • SAE J1455 (load dump) compliant power protection
  • Direct communications with PC via standard mini USB
  • Ideal for external placement - NO enclosure needed
  • Unique "Solid" potting with flame retardant materials
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